New England Patriots: 5 observations from Week 15 win over Steelers

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New England Patriots
PITTSBURGH, PA – DECEMBER 17: Duron Harmon /

The end of the game

In lieu of analysis, I’m just going to walk you through the Steelers final drive of the game and how I felt during it. To make it as accurate as possible, feel free to include profanity where you see fit.

*0:52 remaining: JuJu Smith-Schuster catches a pass across the middle and turns it into a 69 yard reception*

“Alright get him. Okay he’s going towards the sidelines push him out. Tackle him. TACKLE HIM WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Was he out? He had to have been out. Get him. Get him! Finally! Are you serious? One play and the Steelers are in the red zone? All you had to do… Ugh. This is a joke dude. Unbelievable.”

*0:34 remaining: Jesse James 10 yard touchdown reception, REVERSED, incomplete pass*

“Come on put some pressure on him. Is he in? He’s in. Are you serious? What a joke dude. All they had to do was tackle JuJu. This is ridiculous.”

I sink into my chair with my hands on my head.

“Wait, wait that’s not a catch. They’re reviewing it, the ball came out. Look, right there. He didn’t have control. He didn’t. INCOMPLETE! We’re still alive! Another life! Let’s take it to OT!”

*0:28 remaining: Darrius Heyward-Bey catches a short reception across the middle*

“Gotta get him. Don’t let him get out of bounds. Don’t let him. Nice tackle Malcolm! That’s what I’m talking about. Now they have to rush. Don’t let them in the endzone. Please. Force overtime. One more stop and this game is going to OT. Come on. Let’s go.”

*0:05 remaining: Fake spike, Ben Roethlisberger throws an interception*

“He faked it! Fake spike! Why are you not moving, rush him! It’s a fake spike! Stop him… … … Pick it! Pick it! YES! We did it! Oh my god what a stupid play, what an idiot! Oh my god we won.”

I have goosebumps. I hope you do too.