New England Patriots: 5 things need to happen for Super Bowl LII berth

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Avoid a game with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, #Sacksonville is a legit team. The team has more sacks than any team in the league, and they have clinched the playoffs. Although their defense gets the most recognition, they are good on either side of the ball. Blake Bortles can throw with any signal caller in the league.  Leonard Fournette is one of the league leading rushers.

New England would have a bigger challenge with the Jaguars than with the Steelers at this point. The Jags are one of the best teams in the league when it comes to winning the turnover battle. The only team higher than them in the turnover differential category is the Baltimore Ravens, who have a +17. Jacksonville is sitting at +15.

The Pats could definitely beat this team, but it’d be better for them if they avoided them. Of course, the best way for this to happen would be for the Jags to beat out Pittsburgh for the other 1st round bye. This is a variable that New England cannot necessarily control, but they wish they could.