New England Patriots: 5 observations from Week 16 win over Bills

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New England Patriots
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Gronk being Gronk

There are plenty of idiomatic phrases to denote that something will never happen. “When pigs fly” and “when hell freezes over” are the most common, but I think it’s time to add a new one to the list. We’ll say… “when Gronk is overmatched”.

Friends, I have never seen Rob Gronkowski physically overmatched, and I don’t think I ever will. On Sunday, Gronk showed again why he’s the best TE in the NFL.

From the 16 yard line, Tom Brady threw a back shoulder pass to Gronk. The throw was wide, but Gronk reached out one of his giant hands, reeled in the football, and stayed in bounds for the touchdown. He never ceases to amaze me.

My favorite thing about Gronk is that he probably doesn’t realize how great of a play he made. He just goes out there, plays his heart out, and dominates. He’s the kid on the playground who went through puberty before the other kids. He’s Billy Madison playing dodgeball against first graders. There’s simply no stopping him.

In addition to his receiving skills, Gronk is an amazing blocker. He clears paths for the running backs and is a huge part of our run game. As if you didn’t already know, he’s one of the biggest keys to the Patriots success. Just Gronk being Gronk.