Patriots in Le’Veon Bell’s head already, and he may not even win Sunday


The New England Patriots have a spot in the AFC title game already. The Steelers do not but RB Le’Veon Bell is thinking ahead.

The Patriots did their job, and they will play in their 7th consecutive AFC Championship game next weekend. The Steelers want to be there, but they have to beat the Jaguars and their stingy defense first.

Apparently, Pittsburgh RB Le’Veon Bell thinks the game against Jacksonville will be a cakewalk because he’s already looking ahead to New England.

Here’s what Bell posted on Twitter after the Patriots win over the Titans.

Of course, Bell is referring to the fact that his team has already played both the Jaguars and Patriots this year. The Steelers lost both of those games though, so why he thinks things would be any different is mind-boggling. As fans quickly began to note that Bell had a game to play on Sunday before looking ahead, he shot back with a sarcastic quip.

This will all be hilarious if the Jaguars shut down the Steelers once again. In week 5, the Jaguars defense was on fire as they killed the Steelers 30-9. Le’Veon Bell was held to just 47 rushing yards, and 46 receiving yards in that game. No Pittsburgh players found the end zone and QB Ben Roethlisberger threw 5 interceptions.

Clearly, Bell and the Steelers should be more focused on the Jaguars, but this seems to be a theme for them. A few weeks ago, Mike Tomlin was already looking ahead to a hypothetical Steelers-Patriots rematch in the AFC Championship Game. It was still the regular season and his team hadn’t even locked up a top-2 seed yet. There’s clearly something wrong in that Pittsburgh locker room


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The Pittsburgh Steelers, along with Le’Veon Bell and a hobbled Antonio Brown, will host Calais Campbell, A.J. Bouye, Jalen Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars at 1 PM on Sunday. The winner will advance to play the New England Patriots in Foxboro next weekend in the AFC Championship Game. The Steelers offense would cause some problems for the Patriots, but they may be more fearful of the Jaguars defense. Each team presents unique challenges, so Patriots fans should just kick back and watch the game with no rooting interest. The game will play out, the Pats will learn who their opponent is, and then they’ll get to work.