New England Patriots: 3 reasons Super Bowl LII was one of the best ever

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Big players make big games

This seems a little obvious. The way that the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots exchanged big plays was electrifying to even the most defensive minded of football fans. It is not often that you see a game the caliber of the Super Bowl be so high scoring. Before that game, you would be lucky to see a team make a play over 50 yards. Offenses were so methodical before.

This year’s Super Bowl thoroughly showcased the change in pace this game is witnessing. It matches the transition in pace that are being seen in other sports. Basketball games now often end in the 120’s. Baseball games will now end closer to double digits, with ERA’s usually resting in the 3’s and 4’s for starting pitchers. Hockey games will now end in scores of 7-4 or 5-2 on a regular basis, with some games going to 6-5.

What does this say about Super Bowls to come? No one can be sure. Games of this magnitude have a history of being completely unpredictable.