The 5 greatest Boston Celtics guards of all time

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(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)


For years, the Boston Celtics have courted Hall of Fame caliber players.  In this list, we look at five of the team’s best guards of all time.

It’s no secret that the Boston Celtics have been the ultimate NBA dynasty since the 1950s and 1960s.  From Bill Russell to Larry Bird and Paul Pierce, the C’s have acquired  Hall-of-Fame caliber players in each decade.

As legendary as the aforementioned players are, in this list, we are not delving into the greatest Celtics players of all time.  Instead we are narrowing it down, and looking at the Celtics’ greatest guards of all time (up until 2017).

While stats can be the biggest aspect to study when determining someone’s place in history, there’s other conditions to investigate as well.  For this list, championships, longevity, and impact in Boston (not other teams) will also be considered.

This will be solely based on my opinion, so leave comments below if you disagree or agree with my thoughts.

Counting down from five to one, here are the greatest guards in Boston Celtics history.

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