Boston Celtics: 5 reasons Charles Barkley should not dismiss C’s

BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 16: Kyrie Irving
BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 16: Kyrie Irving /
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Stevens will make adjustments

Charles Barkley should not dismiss the Boston Celtics simply because of their coach.

Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics /

Boston Celtics

Highly regarded as one of the top coaches in the NBA, Brad Stevens knows how to get the most out of his players and put them in the best position to succeed.  This is the one advantages the Celtics have over both Toronto and Cleveland.

Yes, I know, the players are more important in this league, but having a coach like Stevens has been the difference in some games.  His ability to draw up plays after timeouts and set defensive matchups that work has won games.

He is also not afraid to make lineup changes and use his entire bench to get the right mix of players on the court at any given time.

That fearlessness in coaching makes him a coach the players respect and respond to.  He has a certain relatability the younger players need to succeed and an intelligence of the game that veterans trust in.

As proven by the team’s deep run in the playoffs last season, Brad Stevens will get his team to play hard and adjust game to game.

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And these are the reasons the Boston Celtics should not be overlooked in the second half of the NBA season.