Top 5 all-time Boston Red Sox starting pitchers

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3. Cy Young

Cy Young’s statistics with the Red Sox are just ridiculous.

With Boston, the right-hander went 192-112 with a 2.00 ERA and a 0.970 WHIP in 2,728.1 innings pitched in eight years. Despite coming to Boston in 1901 when he was already 34 years old, Young led the major leagues in wins during his first three years.

Young also helped the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 1903. The legend went 28-9 with a 2.08 ERA during the regular season and pitched four of the eight games in the World Series, going 2-1 with a 1.85 ERA.

It’s tough to compare Cy Young with more recent legends due to the fact that he pitched so much and the game was so different as a whole in the early 1900’s. Young pitched more than 287.2 innings each year he was with the Red Sox.

Pitchers today will almost never exceed 250 innings per year and it hasn’t been done since Justin Verlander’s MVP season in 2011. The hitters in the early 1900’s are not believed to be as good as the hitters in more recent years which suggests to the fact that pitchers pitched as much as they did.

However, Young had too much impact with the Red Sox to leave him off this list, and putting him at third is the right spot for him in my opinion. Young is second in Boston Red Sox history in Pitchers War with 66.2, second in ERA, tied for first in wins, first in WHIP, and third in innings pitched.