Boston Celtics: 3 regular season goals for Jayson Tatum in 2018

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(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Following a successful rookie season, Boston Celtics rising star Jayson Tatum still has some things to improve on in his sophomore season in the NBA.

Jayson Tatum had a sensational season for the Boston Celtics.

The young phenom proved in the 2018 NBA Playoffs that he can be something special.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do.  He’s still only 20 years old after all.

It seems like he just does everything really well, right? Especially when he started gaining more confidence as the season went on.  No one is as excited at ceiling Tatum can reach than Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

In an interview on the Yahoo Sports NBA podcast, Stevens talked about Tatum as an effective scorer the offense can run through and what he needs to improve on to get even better.

“I hesitate to ever say go through somebody, because sometimes the right play in this league is not to go through, it’s to kick it out and make the next right play,” Stevens said. “That’s the beauty of Jayson — he’s a good player, but he has so many areas that you can see can get a little bit better. But he’s working on them. He was able to manage that and still be one of the best players on the court through a lot of those playoff games.”

However, the young stud isn’t quite polished yet.  Here are three main parts of Tatum’s game he can improve on this season.

1.  Add physicality on defense

Jayson Tatum was better than advertised on the defensive end.  The rookie turned into quite the shot blocker as the season went on, which was a really cool surprise.

Especially after battling LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals.  He’ll be stronger this year, which means he can hold his own better against bigger guys.

I, as well as Stevens want a more aggressive Tatum on the defensive side of the ball. He’s capable of getting into passing lanes and staying in front of his man a little better. I’d expect a nice defensive jump from Tatum this season.

Also, battling guys like Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris in practice for a second straight year is a great challenge.

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