Patriots Gridiron News: 3 thoughts of concern following debacle in Detroit

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New England Patriots

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots made the Detroit Lions look like a good team with a 26-10 loss Sunday night at Ford Field. 

Coming off a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday night’s matchup against the Detroit Lions was supposed to be a beatdown.  That is was, except it happened to the New England Patriots.

That’s right.  Matt Patricia, Matt Stafford and the Lions stepped all over Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots in a game that was supposed to be a spot where the team bounced back.  They weren’t supposed to fall to 1-2 on the season and they certainly weren’t supposed to look like the Patriots of the 80s.

What’s scary is even those teams looked more talented than the team that took the field in front of a national audience, a large perception of which celebrating the New England Patriots demise.

Another week, another loss, another overreaction.  Okay, it’s only Week 3, but its more how this team looks that is concerning.  The first concern is offensively.

With Josh Gordon standing on the sidelines and Julian Edelman serving a suspension, the greatest quarterback in team history just didn’t have anyone to throw to.  And yet, the team was close to trading Rob Gronkowski to those same Lions prior to the season.  Imagine the lack of weapons if that would’ve happened?

More concerning is the play calling.  That’s on both Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady. Getting behind in the last two games due to a lack of offensive execution is something we are not used to seeing.  Yes, there is a lack of talent due to the current wide receiver depth situation, but the team is helping defenses by just not executing.

“Yeah, two weeks where you get behind and just not making enough plays early in the game and we’re behind and we’re just fighting all day,” Brady said following the game.  “So, it’s no way to play football, it’s no way to execute at a very high level and we’re just not doing anything well enough.”

With his type of anemic offense, the Patriots are starving for some kind of spark from somewhere.  It just may be Josh Gordon.  One thing is for sure, with how the defense is not performing, Brady will have to someone triple the 133 yards he passed for Sunday night on a game-by-game basis for this team to even be competitive.

Speaking of the defense, here is concern No. 2.

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