New England Patriots QB Tom Brady motivated: ‘Everyone thinks we suck’


The New England Patriots had yet another dominant divisional round performance Sunday afternoon against the Los Angeles Chargers on route to their eighth straight AFC Championship appearance.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looked like the GOAT as per usual and finished with 343 yards, one touchdown and a 106.5 passer rating.

Pretty good for a guy that many thought was washed up and destined to fall off a cliff any day now.

Apparently, Tom Brady was listening to some of the critics this week and spoke about it during a postgame interview.

It was a very interesting tidbit to hear out of the normally reserved Brady. It has to lead you to believe he has used the sum of that talk of his demise that has been provided by his doubters to fuel himself these playoffs.

Just take a listen:

For a guy that has used motivation like this to fuel him his entire career, throwing this gasoline on the fire is certainly not what a team like the Chiefs want to hear with Brady and the boys coming into Arrowhead next week for the AFC Championship.

With that game being in Kansas City next week and win lines showing the Chiefs already favored by 3, it will no doubt be another week of Tom Brady haters coming out of the woodwork and claiming Patrick Mahomes as the new king of the AFC.

It’s the hope of every New England Patriots fan that Brady will be listening too and will show up ready to prove that his reign is not over until he says it’s over. There is no denying Patrick Mahomes is the league’s next great QB, but Tom Brady knows you must kill the king to take the throne.

That battle for the ages will take place next Sunday at 6:40 PM.

It will either be the changing of the guard or further proof that the New England Patriots and Tom Brady still owns this conference and anyone that doubts that is a fool.

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As a betting man, I wouldn’t doubt a newly motivated Tom Brady.