Boston Celtics: 5 buyout targets who can help team reach NBA Finals

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Boston Celtics Brad Stevens (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

With the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline now passed, the Boston Celtics now turn their attention to the buyout market for a player who could help them win now.

The Boston Celtics only made one minor move prior to the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline, but that move could lead to a bigger addition who could impact the team’s NBA Finals aspirations.

First, Celtics president of basketball operations was doing a victory lap after the trade deadline came and went.  It wasn’t because he traded Jabari Bird to the Atlanta Hawks to free up a roster spot, it was because the New Orleans Pelicans did not move Anthony Davis, which now puts Ainge in prime position to land the big man.

But, let’s move that to the Summer of 2019.

By trading Bird, the Boston Celtics now have an opportunity to fill their 15th roster spot with a worthy veteran who can help the team win now.

As they did last season by adding Greg Monroe, expect the Celtics to make a push during buyout season to add a player who is hungry to play for a contender.  The player will also have to be willing to sign a two-year deal that could help Ainge land Davis when it comes to matching salaries in a potential deal.

There are already quite a few players available who can help contending teams.  Here are five players who could help the Boston Celtics get through the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers to reach the NBA Finals this season.

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