Boston Celtics: 5 not-so-big names to target at NBA Trade Deadline

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Boston Celtics Danny Ainge (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

With the NBA Trade Deadline approaching, here are 5 cheaper options who could help the Boston Celtics in the second half of the 2019-20 NBA season.

It’s that time of the season again.  With the NBA Trade Deadline fast approaching, the Boston Celtics like seemingly every year lately are involved in some heavy trade rumors, but will Danny Ainge actually do something big this season?

Over the last couple seasons, the answer to that question has been on.  It is following the deadline that we hear that Ainge was involved in a lot of discussions involving players like Jaylen Brown.  With the say he has been playing, don’t expect him to be going anywhere.

This season, the main name thrown out there has been Gordon Hayward, who has an opt-out in his contract following the season.  Because of his contract value, his name makes the most sense if the team wanted to make a splash to acquire a big man like Andre Drummond, who the team is reported to have “strong interest” in or a Clint Capela, who the team is rumored to be in heavy discussions with the Houston Rockets for.  And of course, there is also Kevin Love.

Not only would it take Gordon Hayward to get those moves done, it will take some draft picks and perhaps a risk of shaking up the team chemistry.

Perhaps Danny Ainge will be looking at some cheaper options that can strengthen the team.  So, here are some not-so-big names the Boston Celtics should target at the NBA Trade Deadline.

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