New England Patriots 2020 NFL Draft: Antonio Gibson fills a multi-purpose need

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Antonio Gibson of Memphis (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

A versatile playmaker who would be a great fit in the New England Patriots offense is Antonio Gibson of Memphis.

In a previous article a while ago, I highlighted several big running backs who would be solid fits for the New England Patriots.

While I still see all of them as solid fits, should the Patriots decide to swing their offense in a new direction, one might fit the bill better than the others. That would be Antonio Gibson of Memphis.

That article citing outlines Gibson this way:

Antonio Gibson is big back at 228 pounds. says he might be tabbed as a “Big athlete with positional versatility.”  Besides being big, he can also fly having run a 4.39 second 4-yard dash at the combine. Big and fast. Sounds good so far.

Versatility is the key to how Gibson might fit a newly reformulated New England Patriots offense.

In several posts, I have postulated that the Patriots now without their 2 decades stalwart No. 12 should change the dynamic of their offense completely, and move into the new era of NFL offensive football.

Phil Perry of noted coach Bill Belichick’s comments about their 2-decade old offense this way,

“Over the last two decades,” Belichick said in a conference call on Monday, “everything we did, every single decision we made in terms of major planning, was made with the idea of how to make things best for Tom Brady.”

I’ve been banging the drum in support of a new Patriots offense that completely departs from the Tom Brady model and goes off in a new direction for the New England Patriots.

Could there actually be hope? Probably not. But … you never know with New England. It’s that unpredictability thing.

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