New England Patriots rumors: Team seems optimistic about fans at games

It seems that the New England Patriots are preparing to play with fans in the stands, but they might want to pump the brakes on that idea.

Right now sports are in a state of limbo. We don’t know what they will look like in the future. The New England Patriots seem to be hoping for the best case scenario.

All the sports that are coming back recently such as soccer, basketball, and hockey appear to be planning to play the rest of the season without fans. The same goes for MLB if and when they decide to finally have a season.

The NFL seemed to be in a unique situation. With the start of the season so far away, there was still a possibility that they could play in front of fans.

Recent news has made that seem highly unlikely. States around the country are having surges in cases as they begin to reopen and Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that the only way an NFL season can take place is if players are in a “bubble” similar to what the NBA is doing.

That doesn’t exactly lend itself to fans being able to watch games live at stadiums. This makes it seem like NFL games will have no crowd as well.

But the Patriots seem to be thinking otherwise. According to reports, the team is telling season ticket holders that games will have fans and also reminding them to pay up.

As noted in the comments by 98.5 the Sports Hub Joe Murray, he was able to defer his payments so that is a good move by the team.

But it seems the team is being a bit too hopeful. If they truly want to be safe they would have no fans for 2020. I understand the desire and need to bring in revenue but even a half-filled stadium could cause massive problems.

Hopefully, I’m wrong and the world will be at a place where having fans in stadiums is allowed, but the Patriots should be safe rather than sorry.