Boston Red Sox Rumors: 3 Twins players to target at the Trade Deadline

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - MARCH 14: Byron Buxton #25 of the Minnesota Twins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - MARCH 14: Byron Buxton #25 of the Minnesota Twins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – JULY 10: Boston Red Sox trade target Andrelton Simmons (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

We are just over a week away from the MLB Trade Deadline, meaning deals are going to start coming in at a rapid fire pace. So far, the market has been unusually quiet, which is due in part to the MLB Draft being held later than usual. Even though things have been slow, that doesn’t mean they are going to stay that way for much longer.

The Boston Red Sox are firmly established as buyers at this point, and will be looking to bring in a couple players to help shore up their roster. Among their needs are probably another bullpen arm or two, and another bat to come in and help fill out the lineup. After mashing their way through the Toronto Blue Jays, the extra bat may not seem necessary, but a recent cold stretch before that mini series says otherwise.

One team that could look to be dealing players away is the Minnesota Twins. In a relatively weak AL Central, the Twins sit 17 games out of first place, and would be best advised to deal away some of their starters for prospects at this stage.

Even with their bad record, the Twins have numerous players who could come in and help out a playoff contender like the Sox. Let’s take a look at three players who could be trade targets for the Boston Red Sox as the trade deadline approaches.

Boston Red Sox Trade Target No. 3: Andrelton Simmons

As one of the best fielders in the game, Andrelton Simmons is likely to have trade value just based off of his fielding alone. That’s probably a good thing for the Twins, because Simmons certainly isn’t swinging a hot bat this season. Simmons season was disrupted by a case of COVID-19, and he has never really found his way at the plate this season as a result.

Simmons is only hitting .230 with three home runs and 19 runs batted in. While Simmons has never been a power hitter, his average has usually sat around .270 or higher for most of his career, which is a cause for concern. Still, Simmons could be a valuable addition for Boston as the deadline nears.

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Simmons is a skilled fielder, and has already picked up four gold gloves throughout his career. While he has only played shortstop throughout his career, it probably wouldn’t be a stretch to expect him to be able to come in and hold down second base if the Sox wanted him to. The Sox have one of the worst fielding infields in the league, so adding another glove of Simmons caliber certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Simmons lack of productivity combined with his age (he will be 32 by the end of the season), and the fact that he will be a free agent this offseason makes it likely Minnesota will be looking to deal him. As a result, the Sox could probably pick him up for cheap to come in and help shore up their infield fielding.

Simmons is probably a lower value trade target at this point, but he has the potential to bounce back and find his way at the plate. Even if he doesn’t, the Sox would add significant value with him just through his fielding. He may not be the most glamourous option, but Simmons could be a valuable addition at the trade deadline if the Sox opt to go this route.