New England Patriots: 3 offensive players fans can’t wait to see in 2021

Trent Brown #77 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Trent Brown #77 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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New England Patriots
New England Patriots Trent Brown (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

There are 3 offensive players I can’t wait to see play in 2021. After outlining three New England Patriots defensive players I couldn’t wait to see play in 2021, it makes sense now to turn to the offensive side of the ball and note three players there, as well. It’s only fair!

This choice ain’t easy for me. Actually, there are way more than just three but we ain’t got all day. So the list had to be narrowed down considerably.

It took some serious winnowing and they may be completely different from what the rest of Patriot Nation thinks. But here we go with the No. 3 guy on offense I can’t wait to see.

New England Patriots massive left tackle Trent Brown is back baby!

This first guy may be a head-scratcher for many fans. Why? Because my third choice is Trent Brown, the gargantuan offensive tackle.

I like to watch offensive line play. I also think it’s the single most important unit on the entire team. So including an O-lineman in the top three makes sense for me.

Including Trent Brown makes even more sense. I may be his biggest fan. I was ripped when he was allowed to leave to go to the Las Vegas Raiders. I know, he got paid big bucks.

But, his performance for the New England Patriots in 2018 made him worth the cash, at least to the Patriots. Brown’s measurables are startling.

He’s listed at 6’8″ tall and 380 pounds. He’s the only player on the team who can actually make Cam Newton look small, and that takes some doing!

Brown is slated to start at right tackle. I think that’s a mistake. With what he did in 2018 protecting Tom Brady’s blindside, he should be firmly slotted in on the left.

Isaiah Wynn is really better-suited to play on the right, size-wise, with help on the strong side from a tight end.

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I can only dream of a left side of the line consisting of Brown at his size, and wunderkind Michael Onwenu at left guard.

Onwenu is a Trent Brown mini-me measuring in at a “meager” 6’3″ tall and 344 or so pounds. That duo could create an “eclipse” of the quarterback from the left side.

They’d blot out the quarterback almost completely from defenders’ sight. Even the statuesque Newton would be hard to see. It would be monstrously good to see.

But since that’s not likely to happen, we move on to Brown’s blocking prowess. He’s plain and simply a prototypical, or rather more appropriately, the archetypal road-grader.

He simply moves people out of the way, as he did in Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams to help New England win their sixth championship.

The Boston Herald’s Andrew Callahan had a great article about Brown’s preparation for this season. Here’s a super quote therefrom,

"He is the chief force of nature in a league comprised of them. The Patriots scored game-winning touchdowns running behind Brown in Super Bowl LIII and the 2019 AFC Championship Game. Over that title run, he allowed zero QB hits or sacks in three games."

That about sums up his one season with the New England Patriots. He’s still only 28-years-old. He should be signed up long-term this time please, Mr. Belichick. In any event, I am looking forward to seeing Trent do what Trent does best; dominate the opposition.