Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart extension could lead to a big trade

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Boston Celtics trade target Bradley Beal (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

A legitimate question can be asked; is the Boston Celtics agreement on a $77.1M, four year contract extension with popular guard Marcus Smart a prelude to a huge deal for another star player?

Or is it just more of the same pablum from the Boston Celtics management that doesn’t solve the club’s long-term issues?

This answer to this question certainly ties in with a broader discussion of the Boston Celtics plan for the future, whether in fact they even have a plan, and if so, what should that plan be?

Some have argued that the plan is clear; they will sign free agent super-guard Bradley Beal next summer. He’d be a solid addition, but will this happen?

Signing Bradley Beal is a good idea for the Boston Celtics, but is it likely?

If so, then why spend solid dollars on Smart maybe just to be a backup after this season? There are questions here that need to be explored.

One thing is certain, no one knows if they can/will actually sign Beal, so placing all bets on a possibility is no way to build a team.

A Forbes article puts a real damper on the prospect of Beal being signed in light of the Smart extension. Here’s what they said about it,

Stars like Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine are set to become free agents next summer, and Boston would prefer to be key players in those sweepstakes if possible. Smart’s extension takes away the possibility of Boston having max cap space entering next offseason, as long as he remains on their books at that time.

So if they were trying to clear cap space to sign Beal or another top free agent, it looks like they can’t after having committed all that cash to Smart.

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