New England Patriots: A super bold prediction for 2021 NFL season

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New England Patriots

Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots talks to Mac Jones (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots will win their 7th Lombardi Trophy this season.

Now, I expect a possible barrage of, “has this guy hit the legal marijuana shops in Massachusetts?”, or possibly/probably worse.

But folks, that’s how this writer sees it. It may be through rose-colored glasses, but … what the heck! It’s certainly an unusual and most probably an unlikely prediction. But here it is anyway.

So read on to see why the Patriots will accomplish this unexpected yet entirely doable feat and bring the red, white, blue, and silver back to the pinnacle of the NFL.

How the New England Patriots will win their 7th Lombardi Trophy

This writer hopes that no one has predicted this before. I want to be known as the writer who made that silly prediction.

Or conversely, as the “prognosticator of prognosticators” (a line pilfered from the movie “Groundhog Day”). Either way, I’m good with it. Have to have a thick skin in this business.

So, one might ask, why would anyone risk such a seemingly outlandish prediction on a team that only won seven games last year? Good question.

In addition, it has a rookie quarterback in Mac Jones, who hasn’t taken a single NFL snap at the helm, to whom they have entrusted their entire season if not their future.

Well, simply stated, it’s because this team only won seven games last season and has a rookie quarterback. Let’s explore why and how those two factors have made all the difference.

It happened in a roundabout way, yet, it will very likely be the determining factor why this glorified franchise will return to its former greatness after just a sole year of losing its way.

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