New England Patriots: Grading the team’s debacle vs. the Saints

Quarterback Mac Jones #10 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Quarterback Mac Jones #10 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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New England Patriots
Alvin Kamara #41 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

New England Patriots on defense

The defense allowed the Saints to drive right down the field on the first drive of the game and score a touchdown. Great start.

Then, they tightened up a bit but still allowed New Orleans to drive down the field and only two missed field goals kept the score seven zero before the interception gave the Saints another seven points.

All in all, once again there wasn’t enough pass rush. They tackled poorly. They couldn’t contain anyone, never mind wonder back Alvin Kamara.

Kamara slashed and gashed the Patriots the entire game. He was a great player against a poor defense.

They also allowed a miracle touchdown while quarterback Jameis Winston was actually being sacked as Jonathan Jones couldn’t make a play on his desperation flip. That’s what losing teams do folks. Final Grade: D-

New England Patriots on Special Teams

This will be brief. The special teams also had an uncharacteristically lousy game. A blocked punt was there. There was a false start on the long-snapper. The only positives were two Nick Folk field goals, but touchdowns were needed. Final Grade: D-

New England Patriots Coaching

This is also an easy grade. Bill Belichick and co. have done nothing to rectify a lousy offensive line that can’t protect the quarterback, can’t open running lanes, and basically can’t do much of anything well.

Belichick may have the solution available yet won’t use it. That’s one reason for his one and two start to the season which will be one and three by next Sunday night.

This type of obstinacy and/or lack of judgment is simply incomprehensible in a coach of his experience and pedigree. Yet, it continues.

He persists in using options that aren’t working when an obvious alternative that might work (it’s at least worth a try) isn’t utilized. It’s a prescription for a 4-13 season.

As noted above, he also used the slow as molasses Brandon Bolden on a third and one near the end of the half that took the air out of a fine drive to that point.

Where is Rhamondre Stevenson? He’s possibly still in the dog house (though maybe hurt?) because of his fumble in the opener.

Is this is another instance of Belichick’s hurting the team with his bizarre decisions, a la Malcolm Butler in the Philadelphia Super Bowl? Who knows. Whatever.

Hate to say it and it pains to do so, but after all the optimism before the season, it looks like the New England Patriots have metamorphosed into the New York Jets.

It could be back to the future for the New England Patriots. For veteran fans, we’ve seen this picture before. For younger fans, welcome to a no-Tom Brady Patriots reality. It ain’t pretty.

We fans can expect an even more severe beatdown next week. This team is headed for one and three and toward the bottom of the AFC East in a hurry.

They’ll be there after being throttled in next Sunday night’s game against a dominating Tom Brady and the Bucs.

Next. Poor coaching costs Patriots a victory. dark

That’s a certainty, this space’s previous prediction notwithstanding. I’ll be preparing my dish of baked crow with lots of gravy to eat next week.

Oh well, as they say often in Foxborough, it is what it is. And what it is ain’t good. It ain’t very good at all.

And, it could get much, much worse this season. But no predictions emanating from here. Lesson learned. What a revolting development this is. Final Grade: F