New England Patriots: Time to see more of Christian Barmore

New England Patriots (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
New England Patriots (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

It’s definitely time to see more action of the New England Patriots outstanding second-round pick, defensive lineman Christian Barmore.

Barmore has become a regular on the Patriots’ defensive line and he’s becoming a true powerhouse on that unit. And it’s not too soon for the Patriots.

The Patriots’ current and newly added defensive line veterans are solid players, but nothing special. Solid is good, special is better.

The rookie Barmore is proving he is truly special already in his first eight NFL games. He’s making his mark and a difference and it’s just in time for New England’s playoff hopes.

New England Patriots Christian Barmore is lighting up the defensive line play

While he’s been noticed by some, Barmore is now getting noticed by top media players in the Boston sports scene. ‘Bout time.

The New England Patriots had two top draft picks in 2021. And, unlike in many other drafts under this regime, they hit the proverbial jackpot in this one.

One great pick they stumbled upon was quarterback Mac Jones, who is a Super Bowl winner waiting to happen. The other they proactively moved up for, traded up to get, was Christian Barmore. That was no accident.

We have seen Jones spin his magic from day one. Now, Barmore is beginning to assert himself as not only a solid Patriots defensive lineman, but it says here, he’s their most talented.

Barmore has racked up 20 total tackles for the season thus far and half a sack, not overwhelming stats for certain. Yet, that’s not the whole story.

His impact on the Patriots’ defense is exponentially more impactful than mere stats would ever suggest.

As his snaps have increased, so has the impact he has had on the defense and the team as a whole. Trying to block Barmore with a single offensive lineman is an exercise in futility.

Barmore is too strong, too quick, and simply too good to be blocked too often by just one lineman. In fact, two may not be nearly enough at times.

Barmore is what the professionals might call dominant. He just crushes the opposition’s pocket and forces their quarterbacks to improvise to stay out of harm’s way.

Aaron Donald is probably the NFL’s best defensive lineman and as such he’s a true anomaly. Donald measures a mere (for a defensive lineman) 6’1 and 280 pounds.

Yet, he is a Megalodon of defensive linemen and players in today’s NFL. Ask which defensive player any team would like to have, if they don’t say Aaron Donald, they ain’t payin’ attention.

He’s that dominant. Now, this space isn’t implying that Christian Barmore is at the level of Aaron Donald. At least not yet. No one is in this humble writer’s opinion. Donald is the ultimate.

Yet, Barmore has such tremendous upside that when he actually has a bit more experience, he could at some point approach that stratosphere.

New England Patriots’ Christian Barmore’s greatest strengths

Why after just eight games in a player’s career would a writer want to go out on a limb to predict a really sensational future for this rookie? That’s easy to answer, watch this young man play.

Barmore is a bulldozer. His straight-ahead strength is amazing. It’s right there with Vince Wilfork, and dare we think maybe even superior?

High praise, indeed, but yet, not unwarranted. In fact, Barmore is a better penetrating defensive tackle than Vince was. Part of that was due to their respective roles, part is just sheer ability.

Since Vince Wilfork departed for the Houston Texans, the New England Patriots haven’t had a pocket collapsing presence anywhere near that of the young rookie, Barmore.

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Now, they do and it’s making a huge difference in the defensive line and, as such, on the entire defense, and team. Disrupt running and passing lanes and you rattle an offense.

The more Barmore has played, the more rattled opposing offenses have become. That leads to only one conclusion for New England Patriots’ coaches to come to, play Barmore more.

Undoubtedly, that’s the key to their future success on defense and for the entire team’s prospects. Not convinced, just look at the tapes. It’s right there and obvious to see. Barmore is special.