New England Patriots: Quick takes on big Week 9 win against the Panthers

New England Patriots tight end Hunter Henry (85) Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
New England Patriots tight end Hunter Henry (85) Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /
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New England Patriots make some costly gaffes on offense

Unfortunately, the offensive line was mistake-prone early in the game. Mac Jones was sacked twice in the first quarter as the refashioned offensive line underperformed big-time early in this one. One sack was accompanied by a lost Jones’ fumble.

Three penalties, two sacks, and a fumble in a quarter aren’t exactly what Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is looking for. It’s not gonna cut the mustard against truly top teams.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Isaiah Wynn can’t get the job done at left tackle. The position has to be addressed, maybe even now if this team is to have any playoff chance. Wynn is being penalized too often and is putting Jones’ health in jeopardy too often as well.

The best option would be to play Trent Brown there if he ever comes back from his calf injury suffered in the first quarter of game one. If not, a move in the offseason is essential.

Jones threw a poor interception to who other than Stephon Gilmore, who had his second INT in two games after being kicked to the curb by the Patriots (an absolutely obtuse personnel decision).

Jones didn’t help things by throwing that pick and by losing the ball on a sack. Those are game-losing events and he has to clean them up fast if the Patriots have any chance at the playoffs.

The play-calling is also too predictable if Jones is under center in a one-back set. They run just about every time. In addition, they’re not running play-action nearly enough. The coaches need to clean their act up there as well.