Boston Red Sox Rumors: Time to ante up for Kyle Schwarber

Boston Red Sox. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Red Sox. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

The Boston Red Sox may have an opportunity to ante up the cash for Kyle Schwarber and if they do, they should just pay the man. He’s worth the investment.

Thus far in free agency, the Sox, as last season has been pretty nondescript. They paid $10M for James Paxton, a pitcher who may be able to contribute next season. Maybe.

So the case here is clear, please sign Schwarber or you will be making a huge mistake, Boston Red Sox, Fenway Sports Group, or whatever other monikers you wear today.

Former Boston Red Sox Kyle Schwarber just belongs in Boston

Look, there are some players who come to a team and they are uncomfortable. Then there are some who are OK with the situation in that city/team/situation.

Then … there are players who were just meant to play in a certain city, and hopefully, for their sake, the team’s and the city’s, the match is made.

It actually happens on occasion, even in the modern era when players can decide where they want to play, unlike pre-free agency when they were locked into a team whether they liked it or not.

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But now, on occasion, the team, the city, and the player are just right for each other. In this particular case, all the stars are aligned, and Kyle Schwarber is THE fit for the BoSox this offseason.

Boston Red Sox case where the stars aligned previously

If Sox fans want another instance of where the player, the team, and the city aligned, look no further than the all-time best situation in Boston of this situation.

That player would be the incomparable, David Ortiz. That player was good but not an appreciated player in Minnesota. Say hello to Boston, say hello to GREATNESS.

Ortiz hit 20 home runs in Minnesota in 2002 then came to Boston and became a superstar. In 2003 he hit 31 and on and on from there to the Hall of Fame (hopefully).

Big Papi finished his career with 541 home runs. More than Ted Williams and anyone else who ever toiled for the Boston Red Sox.

Now, is Kyle Schwarber going to be as prolific as David Ortiz was in Boston? Who knows. No Nostradamus prognostication proclivities here. But he’s clutch. Like Papi.

But, let’s just say, there’s a feeling here that this particular player can explode onto the Boston sports scene similarly to David Ortiz. Maybe not quite so prolific, but who knows?

He’s a monster hitter. He likes playing in Fenway, obviously, the dimensions of the old pahhhk notwithstanding. He’s big, strong, and fearless.

Boston Red Sox should just pay Kyle Schwarber and move on

With the foolishness of the lockout, who knows what will happen after, But, whatever the eventuality, one thing is certain from this vantage point, if they can, the Sox should sign Kyle Schwarber.

This space panned Chaim Bloom, the Chief Baseball Officer of the Red Sox for his offseason moves last season. Well, they proved to be pretty good. Point made.

Yet … this is an emphatic suggestion for Mr. Bloom in 2021, pay whatever it takes, and sign Kyle Schwarber. There will be no regrets. And please, make it a 5-year deal, thank you.

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This is the move to make if the Fenway Sports Group, Liverpool Football (Pittsburgh Penguins?) allows. If not, well … you should go elsewhere.

This is the move. This is the BIG move. This is a critical move. Sign Schwarber and the future is bright. Maybe a World Series title … soon. Makes sense. Just go get it done.

Just an opinion here.