No, Dave Dombrowski did not gut Boston Red Sox farm system

Boston Red Sox (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Boston Red Sox (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The myth that Dave Dombrowski “gutted” the Boston Red Sox farm system to build a World Series team is false and it’s time it was debunked lock, stock, and barrel, with facts.

Sychophants of the Boston Red Sox think that Dombrowski, the former Vice-President of baseball operations trashed the farm system to win a World Series for Boston.

It’s a falsehood and it’s time to dispel this myth once and for all. Dave Dombrowski won a World Series and got a raw deal.

Dombrowski did what he was hired to do – WIN. And the reasons for his dismissal were financial and nothing else. All the rest is baloney. Read on, and learn.

Boston Red Sox Dave Dombrowski traded little and won a lot

Let’s take a good look at what prospects and other players were traded and what they have become in the major leagues to see if this myth is true or a figment of the imaginations of sycophants of the Boston Red Sox organization.

Below are the prospects traded whose loss supposedly “gutted the Red Sox farm system.” Here is a link to all of the transactions used as a reference and quoted in part from They are included in the link.

(This article is centering on prospects traded out only, so you can take a look in the link for yourself at the returns to the Red Sox if you’re interested.)

Look below for yourselves at the reality, not the myths:

"2015-16 offseason players traded SS Javy Guerra, OF Manuel Margot, LHP Logan Allen and 2B Carlos AsuajeHP Wade Miley and RHP Jonathan Aro2016 seasonRHP Aaron Wilkerson and INF Wendell RijoRHP Jose Almonte and OF Luis Alejandro BasabeRHP Anderson EspinozaRHP Pat Light2016-17 offseason3B Travis Shaw, 2B/SS Mauricio Dubon and RHP Josh Pennington2B/3B Yoan Moncada, RHP Michael Kopech, OF Luis Alexander Basabe and RHP Victor DiazRHP Clay Buchholz2017 SeasonRHPs Shaun Anderson and Gregory SantosRHPs Gerson Bautista, Jamie Callahan and Stephen NogosekOF Rafael Rincones2017-2018 offseasonNone2018 SeasonSS Deven MarreroLHP Jalen BeeksRHP Ty Buttrey and LHP Williams Jerez2018-2019 offseason2B Esteban Quiroz2019 seasonC/OF Blake Swihart and $500K international bonus slotOF Elio Prado and INF Noelberth Romero"

The fact: Boston Red Sox Dave Dombrowski traded almost nothing for a Championship

As they say, “That’s the fact, Jack!” Look at the list of the players Dave Dombroski traded to win three AL East titles and a World Series. Are there many familiar big leaguers? If not, it’s not surprising.

Only three that this observer can count have amounted to much of anything at all in the big leagues. Here are the best of the lot and their career batting averages: Travis Shaw, .239: Manny Margot .251; and, Juan Moncada, .261 BA.

Another is pitcher, Michael Kopech, who has won 3 games in his career and has a nice .376 ERA but in only 48 games. Wade Miley has been in the big leagues but has been nothing special.

So, unless this space is missing something, let’s summarize all this in this way. Dave Dombrowski traded basically nothing to amass a squad that delivered 3 Divisional titles and a World Series Championship.

All of the baloney about his “gutting the farm system” is just that, blarney. Dombrowski was a genius and the cost-conscious Red Sox ownership just used the 2019 season dip as an excuse to set him free and subsequently cut the team’s payroll.

That’s all it was, cost-cutting by the bean-counters, pure and simple. The end result of all this is that the fans of the Boston Red Sox were and are still being shortchanged by the Boston Red Sox absentee ownership.

If Dombrowski was supposedly fired based on the results of his trades of farm system players as has been speculated, whoever made that decision is clueless about the reality of these trades or just chose to ignore the facts.

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Whatever their “rationale” for dumping Dombrowski, the Red Sox ownership should just sell the team to someone who actually cares about the team and winning, and not just cutting payroll to bolster the bottom line. Boston is a big market club and it should act like one.

After all, they can do that and not win a World Series in Tampa Bay. That’s a thought, why doesn’t the Red Sox ownership just sell the team and buy the Tampa Bay Rays? It would be a marriage made in heaven.