Mac Jones’ work ethic in question, Patriots QB acting like a prima donna

New England Patriots(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
New England Patriots(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones should be hard at work this offseason rather than frolicking around Super Bowl week like a prima donna.

The alternate Pro Bowler, a truly meaningless designation if there ever was one, has been wasting valuable time during Super Bowl week when he should be hard at work steeling himself for a run there himself next season. If this sounds like it’s calling out Mr. Jones, it certainly is.

Jones has lots of work to do if he is to help turn around his team that got absolutely shellacked by the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs 47-17. If you were he, would you be celebrating?

New England Patriots Mac Jones should shed the fluff and get to work

Mac Jones had a good rookie season as rookie seasons go, and that’s all he did. It was not too special when you can only muster a meager 22 touchdown passes with 13 interceptions.

In fact, that touchdown to interception ratio stinks. Rather than getting in the facility and strengthening his body and running until he can’t anymore, Jones is off frolicking in LA-LA land.

That’s a lousy optic when his team, the New England Patriots is further away from a Super Bowl appearance than the distance from Boston to LA and back.

Jones has so much to do to up his game that no time, not even a day should be wasted getting ready for the 2022 season.

While there is a lot to do elsewhere to shore up a team that got flattened by its top opponent the Buffalo Bills twice last season, Jones is the leader and needs to lead by example. So far, he’s not.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, this space was a huge fan post-2021 draft of Jones and throughout the season for the most part. It’s on the record.

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But his late-season drop-off cost the team plenty. They went from the pinnacle of the AFC East and the entire AFC to also-rans in a hurry. By the end of the season, they and he plainly stunk, pure and simple.

What New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones should be doing

An offseason of hard work and fine-tuning al la Tom Brady is what is in order for young Mr. Jones. Getting (not earning) a Pro Bowl Alternate designation was of questionable value if any.

The Pro Bowl is a joke, not a game and the designation is meaningless when the people who deserve it often brush it off as a useless exercise. That designation is just a nice way to make a few extra bucks through an incentive in your contract whether you deserve it or not.

The designation and the so-called “game” should be canned in favor of maybe a five-tiered All-Pro designation that would actually have meaning based on real performance not circumstance.

Mac Jones is nowhere near an All-Pro and he would have been better served by working toward next season than wasting his time then and now at the Super Bowl festivities.

Jones has to put that flabby picture of him with a cigar in his mouth in the rear-view mirror if he is to reach the heights of a Super-Bowl contending quarterback. He’s nowhere near that level now.

He needs to get into the gym and transform his body as the young Tom Brady did between his first and second seasons. He needs 15 pounds of muscle to replace the 15 pounds or more of flab displayed in that Alabama photo.

He also needs to improve his arm strength and his delivery speed. Those are key to future success.

Working with Tom House, coach to Brady and several top NFL quarterbacks is the suggestion here. He should be booked into a 3-day clinic and then hire House as his personal coach.

Jones should be in Foxborough and with House from now until rookie camp in which he should participate, just plain getting better physically and in his throwing mechanics. It’s what Brady did and if Jones wants to be great, he needs to get with it.

Mac Jones has the talent to be an All-Pro but does he have the dedication necessary to get there? It’s yet to be seen. What he does with the rest of the offseason will be a good indicator. This last week has not been a positive one.

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Maybe Jones will get off his duff and get to work. We’ll see. Whether he does or not will ultimately determine whether Jones was just a great college quarterback and only mediocre professional, or whether he will excel in the NFL, as well.

To add some encouragement, the New England Patriots should draft another young quarterback to provide some real competition. That may be just the motivation this young man needs.