New England Patriots: Jonnu Smith is due for a bounce back season

Jonnu Smith #81 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Jonnu Smith #81 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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New England Patriots
New England Patriots tight end Jonnu Smith (CP 2) /

Jonnu Smith is a GOOD tight end, and the New England Patriots are going to need him

This is crazy to think about, considering the 2021 season we all witnessed from Smith. But Smith is actually a REALLY good tight end in the National Football League. It’s hard to believe, I know.

There were times last season where I was waiting to see the flashing speed. I wanted to see the speed after the catch that Smith was known for during his time with the Tennessee Titans. But it never came.

When you have a big, bruising tight end with speed; that is a combination that you can’t beat. I do think that because Henry caught so many passes in the red zone, we all forgot about Smith, including the Patriots coaching staff at times too. It’s easy to get distracted by immediate success. But I do believe that we will see a different version of Smith in 2022.

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We’ll see the man that can create separation and be a runaway train in the open field. Fans will continue to see how good of a blocking tight end he is in the running game. Simply put, we’ll see a productive Jonnu Smith in 2022 for the New England Patriots. So stay with me, my fellow Patriots fans. Something in my gut tells me Jonnu Smith is due for that bounce-back season in 2022.