Boston Red Sox: Chris Sale is the missing piece for a playoff push

Chris Sale #41 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)
Chris Sale #41 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox have surged in the months of May and June after a horrendous April start. It hasn’t been easy for this group. Between a lack of hitting in the beginning to the recent injuries to the pitching staff, it’s been quite the uphill battle for this group.

But now at 33-29, they currently have a hold of one of the final Wild Card spots in the American League. In order for the Red Sox to continue the trend they’re on, they need someone to return to the fold: Chris Sale.

It’s been tough few years for Chris Sale. He’s dealt with several different injuries since Boston’s World Series win in 2018, and just when it seems like he’s nearing a return, he suffers a setback like the one he suffered earlier this season.

But now, it looks like Sale is on track to return sooner rather than later. He threw a bullpen session the other day, one in which his fastball touched 96 MPH. That’s a really good sign if you’re a big Chris Sale fan like myself!

But don’t make any mistake about it Red Sox fans. The team is going to need Sale in this starting rotation for the rest of the season. This is Chris Sale we’re talking about here. He’s a guy that, before all of his injuries, was a yearly candidate for a Cy Young award. Plus there is a lot more to Chris Sale that is valuable to this Red Sox team.

The Boston Red Sox have a leader in Chris Sale

Besides what he brings to the mound every fifth day, Sale is just as valuable off of the diamond as he is on it. Sale is one of the most humble and honest Boston sports athletes that I’ve ever heard of, in press conferences and everyday conversation.

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When Sale has a bad start, he doesn’t hide from it or makes excuses for it. He simply says that he stinks and he needs to pitch better. Look at the “sack of potatoes” comment he came out with the other day. He literally said that a sack of potatoes was of more value right now to the Red Sox than he is. You probably won’t hear any other professional athlete say something like that.

The Boston Red Sox have another valuable arm ready to go

When Chris Sale rejoins the Sox that means that another helpful arm will be ready to go for this team. The starting rotation itself, when healthy, is very good. Nathan Eovaldi has done his job. Guys like Michael Wacha and Rich Hill are looking like unbelievable end of the rotation signings by Chaim Bloom. But Sale adds another element.

Even if Sale is used as a reliver, he would provide a much needed lift to the bullpen. There are times when there isn’t an actual closer on this Red Sox team. Could Sale be that guy for the short-term while building him back up to be a starter? Sure, why not! Or as a long-relief guy? Absolutely! There are a lot of intriguing options for Sale with this Red Sox team.

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The bottom line is this: the Red Sox need Chris Sale. They’re a better team on and off the field with Sale healthy and contributing. So let’s hope that Sale’s rehab starts go well and without any more setbacks. Once Sale is 100% ready to go, this team will soar up in the Wild Card standings. Sounds like a good thing to me!