Boston Red Sox Rumors: David Robertson would help solve bullpen woes

David Robertson #37 of the Chicago Cubs (Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images)
David Robertson #37 of the Chicago Cubs (Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox appear set to endure a battle for a Wild Card spot as the summer approaches. At 42-33, the Sox have fought and clawed their way back into contention after a horrific start to the season. And as the calender flips to July, the team is set to embark on their most important stretch of the season so far.

But the Sox aren’t doing themselves any favors by blowing games late. Boston threw away another game in the ninth inning last night, a 6-5 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. It was a weird loss, as Michael Wacha did not have his best stuff.

But obviously, the big story is that Tanner Houck is not available during this series in Toronto due to his vaccination status. Houck being in Boston right now isn’t helping the team during their stay in Canada.

That’s why the Red Sox need to go out and get a closer. Houck is a nice option, but he clearly isn’t  the long-term answer at the position. One direction the Sox could pursue is a trade. A name that the Boston Red Sox could take a look at is Chicago Cubs relief pitcher David Robertson.

The Boston Red Sox would have a legitimate closer in David Robertson

What the Red Sox need right now is a legitimate closer. Enter David Robertson. Robertson has closed games before for several different teams. If Red Sox fans think that Robertson’s name sounds familiar, that’s because it is, as Robertson has spent most of his career with the New York Yankees. Robertson also has three seasons in which he has saved 30+ games. So the main point of this is to tell you fans: THIS is what a closer looks like!

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There wouldn’t be anymore questions about who the closer would be if the Boston Red Sox decided to swing a deal for David Robertson. No more “spinning the wheel” to see whose turn it is to try and save the game. No more relying on Houck for reasons that have nothing to do with baseball. You’d have your closer.

The Boston Red Sox would have a cheap option in David Robertson

The Red Sox wouldn’t have to break the bank to bring David Robertson to Boston either. Right now, Robertson is owed $3.5 million for the 2022 season, and the Sox wouldn’t have to pay the whole salary either at this point in the season.

Isn’t this the kind of signing/trade we’ve seen from Chaim Bloom before? Look at guys lioke Wacha and Rich Hill. Those guys were short-term signings for the rotation, and they’ve panned out so far. Plus, they were cheap to begin with!

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Bottom line is this: the Red Sox need a closer. David Robertson is a guy that you could realistically trade for without breaking the bank or sending away top prospects. Plus, the Cubs aren’t going anywhere this season anyway. If I’m Chaim Bloom, I’m picking up the phone and calling the Cubs to see what it would take to make a David Robertson trade happen. Get the closer you need and stop blowing games in the late innings. Please!