Boston Red Sox Rumors: 4 impact first basemen to target at trade deadline

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The 2022 MLB Trade Deadline is just weeks away and rumors are starting to swirl.  When it comes to the Boston Red Sox and what Chaim Bloom should do, it starts with the first base position.

Currently there is still hope Bobby Dalbec will get it together, but currently he’s hitting just .205 in 210 plate appearances.  With just 6 homers, his power and defense aren’t making up for the inconsistency at the plate.

Then, there is the experiment at first base that is Franchy Condero.  He’s hitting .240 with 4 homers and 23 RBI, but is there really any confidence of him morphing into that everyday first baseman who can be an impact in the lineup?

The odds of that are low considering Cordero’s up-and-down production with the Boston Red Sox over the last couple of seasons.  So, what does Bloom do at first base?

Boston Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom addresses first base

In an interview with, Bloom addressed his approach which seems to settle with what the team already has.

“Potentially.  I think what Franchy has done since coming in there – granted he has some versatility to play elsewhere, too – I think he has done a solid job and I think what he has done under the surface is even better than what you see on the back of the baseball card,” Bloom said when asked about upgrading the first base position.  “We know Bobby can hit lefties.  He’s handling a tougher role right now really well.  We’ve been hopeful this whole year that as Triston (Casas) gets going, he still might figure into this thing…recognizing that he needs to make up for lost time.  Certainly, it’s a spot where we can be open to additions from the outside.”

In all, besides potentially giving Casas his opportunity, Bloom will defer to the versatility already on the team if the price is too steep for someone from the outside.  But that’s not going to stop us from exploring those outside possibilities.

Here are 4 impact first basemen the Boston Red Sox should target at the MLB Trade Deadline.

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