Boston Celtics rumors: Why it’s time to add DeMarcus Cousins to the mix

The Boston Celtics are in need of a backup center. They have Robert Williams III that is blossoming into a top defensive center in the NBA.

The Celtics had Daniel Theis, but he’s now in Indiana with the Pacers as a piece of the Malcolm Brogdon trade. One guy that could be an intriguing piece for the Celtics backup center position is DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins is a free agent after spending last season with the Denver Nuggets.

I know people have been indifferent about DeMarcus Cousins here in Boston. Some people think he’d be perfect. Others wouldn’t want “Boogie” to come to the Celtics. But at this stage, DeMarcus Cousins could actually be a very good piece for the C’s backup center position.

The Boston Celtics get a veteran center in DeMarcus Cousins

The Boston Celtics need more veterans on their bench. They just added Danilo Gallinari and traded for Malcolm Brogdon.

Why not add “Boogie” to the mix?

Cousins has been in the NBA for about a decade now. We’ve seen how dominant the veteran big man can be in the right scenario. He was the main guy in Sacramento, and we saw how that all worked out at the end.

But with this Celtics team, he wouldn’t have to obviously be THE guy. He can be a guy that plays 15-20 minutes a night and do what he does best: rebound, play defense, and control the paint. That’s exactly what the Celtics need going into the 2022-2023 season. A guy that knows exactly what his role is in the NBA.

The Boston Celtics have been linked to DeMarcus Cousins very recently

This isn’t the first time that the Celtics have been reportedly interested in Cousins. As of a few seasons ago, people thought the Celtics would acquire  Cousins. This has happened so many times over the past decade.

Why not make it for real now? The Celtics have some avenues to pay Cousins as well. If they want to overpay, they could use the $17 million trade package exception from the Evan Fournier trade.

Now, I obviously don’t think Cousins is going to command that type of money at this stage of his career. But if you want a backup center that badly, why not go after a guy that you have been linked up to in the past?

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The bottom line is that the Celtics need a backup big man and Cousins would fit the mold. Yes, we all understand that in the past, Cousins has been a problem. But with a team that is poised to make another run at the NBA Finals, Cousins could be that physical piece that the Celtics need in the middle when Williams and Al Horford are on the bench.

Do I think it will actually happen? Probably not. But it’s definitely an intriguing option to pursue at this point. “Boogie to Boston” rumors would fun to fuel again!