NFL Preseson: New England Patriots rookies vs. NY Giants rookies

New England Patriots running back Kevin Harris. Credit: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
New England Patriots running back Kevin Harris. Credit: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports /
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Before New England Patriots nation panics about the reports of quarterback Mac Jones and the offense struggling during training camp, take a deep breath, hold it in briefly, then exhale. Now is the time for the players and coaches to work out the kinks. It’s not always going to be pretty when trying something new. Give them time.

So don’t read into the quality of play during the in-stadium practice. It was run at half speed anyway.

And Patriots fans shouldn’t read too much into the first preseason game either. As much as we want to see the team play well, the first game is more about the young players and seeing them in live action. Jones and the first stringers will play a series or two then step aside for the players trying to earn roster spots.

The same will be going on for the New York Giants. Quarterback Daniel Jones will break a sweat for a couple of series before trading in his helmet for a baseball cap.

New England Patriots and New York Giants rookies will be on center stage

Then the real show begins. Each team has fierce competitions within their positions. They’ve spent about two weeks beating up on each other during training camp. Now they finally get real live action against actual opponents.

The Patriots made 10 selections and the Giants eleven, so a head-to-head for every player is a bit overboard. Instead this will highlight three competitions at fun positions. So if you wanted a preview of Cole Strange vs. Kayvon Thibodeaux, sorry. Besides, that would make sense if Strange was an offensive tackle.