Patriots: Why Bailey Zappe, Mac Jones is the ‘perfect coaching situation’

Patriot QBÕs #10 Mack Jones and #4 Bailey Zappe share a laugh at practice today.CP 1
Patriot QBÕs #10 Mack Jones and #4 Bailey Zappe share a laugh at practice today.CP 1 /

Following a 38-15 beatdown of the Cleveland Browns in which New England Patriots rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe completed 24 of 34 passes for 309 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions, there is absolutely a quarterback situation brewing in Foxborough.

Not only are Patriots fans all for it, but Bill Belichick is all for it.

Mac Jones, we love you man, but it’s hard to ignore how the 2022 fourth-round pick out of the Western Kentucky University has looked over the last couple of weeks.  He’s poised, calm, accurate and acts like he belongs in the pocket.  Most importantly, the team looks like they are having fun, which is more due to the winning, but Zappe fever has a part in that.

New England Patriots have a nice problem at quarterback

Has the 2021 first round pick out of the University of Alabama lost his job?  No, but Mac Jones must be anxious to get back on the field and prove he is the better option.  Appearing on The Greg Hill show, former NFL quarterback and current NFL analyst Boomer Esiason sees at least a quarterback conversation facing Belichick and he’s all for it as are so many Patriots fans.

"“Why the hell not, man? Esiason said when about the Patriots heading towards a QB controversy.  “Nothing like, not many sports controversies like quarterback questions for local radio talk show hosts.  We kind of love them.“Look, say what you want, but Bailey Zappe played a fabulous game [Sunday]….All Bailey Zappe is doing, a kid out of Western Kentucky University, is showing unbelievable poise, accuracy, and I cannot believe how he just looks so comfortable in the pocket.”"

If there is any argument (besides winning) for rolling with Zappe is his pocket presence.  He not only feels the pressure, but he is not afraid to step up in the pocket or roll out of the pocket to make plays happen.  We saw a glimpse of that from Mac Jones against the Baltimore Ravens, but he has mostly been erratic in the pocket this season.

In fairness to Mac, the offensive line wasn’t as stable as it is now.  Also, the play calling has been set up to help Zappe succeed.  Jones at least needs to get an opportunity to lead the offense how it looks now.  That’s where Esiason feels Belichick has the perfect coaching opportunity.

Bill Belichick has the Patriots quarterbacks right where he wants them

The Patriots head coach now knows he has two quarterbacks that can run the offense and if it’s Mac Jones’ job to lose, Belichick will make him compete to keep it.  That is, once Jones is healthy.

"“This is the perfect coaching situation for Coach Belichick,” Esiason continued. “He’ll make it tough on Mac Jones. He’s gonna want to see if he can handle this. Mac’s not oblivious to what’s being said out there or what’s being written or oblivious to what his eyes are showing him with what Bailey Zappe has done here the last two weeks, especially yesterday. I mean, throwing for over 300 yards, a couple touchdowns, looking like a quarterback who has been in the league for 10 years.”"

Unlike the Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe situation, these are two young quarterbacks drafted and coached up by Belichick.  The benefit is it will make Jones a better quarterback, but this quarterback situation has also shown the league what Zappe can do.

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A perfect dilemma for Belichick, who would be more than happy to keep the two competing, but somewhere down the line there may be a trade opportunity there.  Folks, the New England Patriots may not only get their quarterback of the future out of this, but cash in and gain some draft picks as well if the cards are played right.

If what above seems a bit premature, well blame it on the rise in body temperature, body aches of excitement and sweat dripping of adrenaline known as Zappe fever.