Patriots on to Indianapolis: Keys to stampeding Colts in Week 9

The New England Patriots stand at 4-4 after a big bounce back win on Sunday, 22-17, over the New York Jets. But now, the focus is entirely on Sunday’s upcoming battle with the Indianapolis Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts enter Sunday’s game with a 3-4-1 record. A lot of NFL fans expected better from the Colts this season. But now is a perfect time for the Patriots to get a statement win, on Sunday. Here’s how the Patriots can obliterate the Colts on Sunday.

The New England Patriots are facing a Colts offense in shambles

This is not an exaggeration in the slightest. The Indianapolis Colts have so many things going on with their offense right now.

They fired offensive coordinator Marcus Brady earlier this week. With a De-Facto OC on Sunday, will the Colts really have a solidified gameplan to attack the Patriots defense? I personally don’t think so.

We also have to address the fact that Jonathan Taylor is not 100 percent healthy either. He’s been battling an ankle injury and the Colts are HOPING that he is ready for Sunday.

Not to mention the fact that they just traded Nyheim Hines to the Bills in exchange for Zach Moss!

Want to add insult to injury? The Colts offensive line has been trash all year. This has been a problem for years with the Colts, since the days of Andrew Luck.

That not enough to convince you? How about the fact that the Colts are starting Sam Ehlinger? A rookie quarterback that is making his second career start, by the way.

So with all of this going on, yeah, I can see the Patriots potentially having a huge day on defense. What more can the Patriots ask for in this situation?

The New England Patriots can unleash Rhamondre Stevenson

One of the biggest offensive weapons that the Patriots can unleash on the Colts for Sunday’s game is running back Rhamondre Stevenson.

As long as the offensive line can hold up, Rhamondre Stevenson can have a monster game against the Colts defense. Stevenson’s ability to create yards after contact reminds Patriots of a running style similar to LeGarrette Blount, but maybe a bit faster.

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We saw the ability to stop on a dime and shift for long runs against the Browns. We’ve seen the improved pass catching ability from Stevenson, compared to his rookie season in 2021.

He could be a big factor for Sunday, if the Patriots wish to have an easy win against a struggling Colts team.

The bottom line with the New England Patriots game against the Colts Sunday

This has the makings of a blowout win for the Patriots. However, it could also flip a complete 360 and the Patriots could get blown out, a la a Bears 2.0 type of deal.

With the Colts offense having so many question marks and the fact that the Patriots could get a huge game from Rhamondre Stevenson, the Patriots should obliterate the Colts easily. Get to 5-4, have your bye week, and prepare for a home game two weeks after against the Jets. But take care of business Sunday first!