MLB Rumors: Red Sox should target these 3 top market free agents

Trea Turner #6 of the Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Trea Turner #6 of the Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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The Boston Red Sox have a lot of work to do during the 2022-23 MLB offseason after finishing in last place in the American League East during the 2022 season. After making it all the way to the ALCS the season before, the Sox were complacent last offseason, and paid a big price during their most recent campaign.

It’s clear big moves need to be made to fix the Red Sox, but the good news is that the front office claims they want to be big spenders this offseason. If Chaim Bloom decides to actually open up his checkbook this offseason and throw some money around in free agency, here are three big name targets that would help Boston make it back to the playoffs next season.

Boston Red Sox free agent target No. 3: Trea Turner

This is in no way, shape, or form a diss towards Xander Bogaerts. I think everyone can agree that the best case scenario for the Sox would see Bogaerts being the team’s starting shortstop next season. But that doesn’t seem very likely to happen at this point, and if he does end up leaving in free agency, the Boston Red Sox will need a replacement. For that reason, Turner makes a lot of sense, but only if Bogaerts does end up leaving.

It would be tough to find an upgrade over Bogaerts, who is one of the best all-around players at the position in the league. But if there is an upgrade, it could be Turner, if ever so slightly. Turner is coming off another strong season with the Los Angeles Dodgers (.298 BA, 21 HR, 100 RBI, 27 SB, .809 OPS) but he will likely be on the move with the Dodgers focusing all their attention on Aaron Judge.

It feels like it would take a lot for Turner to end up in Boston, but if Bogaerts walks, the Sox need to bring in a suitable replacement. Turner’s ceiling as a player is higher than Bogaerts’ and he is a year younger than Bogey, which makes handing him a long-term deal just a bit less painful. It would be tough to see Bogaerts leave, but if he does, bringing in a potential upgrade in Turner would help Sox fans move on quickly.