NFL Rumors: Patriots need a ‘strong option’ in Bill O’Brien back as OC in 2023

Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots have a ton of problems on the offensive side of the ball in this 2022 season.

The offensive line has been patched up this whole season, along with having inconsistent play from guys like Isaiah Wynn and Trent Brown. Wide receivers haven’t been making plays, and Mac Jones has had regression in his second NFL season.

Plus, let’s not forget about Matt Patricia being a horrible excuse of an “offensive coordinator”.

But some of that could change next season, with a very familiar name to Patriots fans: Bill O’Brien.

We know that O’Brien has interest in coming back to the NFL. Why not back here in New England? Well, there’s rumblings that O’Brien is a “strong option” to be the Pats offensive coordinator in 2023. O’Brien was the Patriots OC in 2011.

Bill O’Brien can help Mac Jones make the New England Patriots offense better

It’s no secret that Mac Jones has had a regression in his second season in the NFL. Insert O’Brien into the picture.

We know what Bill O’Brien can do with a quarterback like Mac Jones. Do we need to go back to all of the success they had during the 2020 season when Alabama won the National Championship? Sure, Jones had an incredible O-line and some of the best weapons in the country. But that’s besides the point.

It seemed like at Alabama that O’Brien went off of play action a lot with Jones at quarterback. We saw instances of that with Josh McDaniels last year in Jones rookie season with the Patriots. So wouldn’t it make sense if O’Brien was the Pats OC and we saw more play action next season?

Bill O’Brien makes the New England Patriots move on from Matt Patricia

Patriots fans have been saying since the middle of the season that this team needs to move on from Matt Patricia. Guess what? Those fans are right!

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A little tidbit to keep in mind here, the Patriots are averaging a full touchdown less this season than they did last season. Patricia definitely has a big hand in that happening, with his conservative play-calling and lack of chances downfield.

If the current Alabama OC is brought into New England for next season, it will force the Patriots to move Matt Patricia into a different role, or out of the organization entirely. Either way, “Matty P” should NOT be anywhere near the offense next season.

The bottom line with Bill O’Brien and the New England Patriots

O’Brien to the New England Patriots is a no brainer for the 2023 season. It needs to happen as soon as this current season is over.

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If the Patriots want to be a serious playoff contender again, they need to revitalize their whole offense.

Their defense is really good. Their special teams can be very good as well, with young pieces in place. The only part that needs a major haul is the offense.

O’Brien can come in and utilize the tight ends similar to what he did in 2011 with that team. Give this offense some creativity and some life to get this team to where it should be.

Get Bill O’Brien to Foxborough, ASAP!