Tom Brady: Patriots legend should be brought back to the organization

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots regrettably and incomprehensibly allowed the greatest quarterback and player who ever played in the NFL to leave the team in 2019. Now, Tom Brady should be brought back to New England in a hurry.

What? No, not as a player. TB12 can be brought back to do a bunch of other things for the team that has borderline floundered since he was deplorably allowed to take his talents to Tampa Bay and win another Super Bowl trophy.

It’s time to sweep away the cobwebs of those bad decisions that prompted him to want to leave in the first place. There’s no better time than right now.

So how would that work and what would he be doing for the New England Patriots now that he’s ostensibly hung up his cleats for good?

Let’s take a look at some enticing possibilities.

New England Patriots should honor Tom Brady and hire him as a consultant

New England Patriots legend Tom Brady
Tom Brady. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Before embarking on that journey, let’s make a few suggestions to Mr. Robert Kraft. Tom Brady will have to wait to be a first-ballot (should be unanimous, but there are always those NY writers, you know) Pro Football Hall of Famer in five years.

Yet, there are no such iron-clad rules here so why wait to induct TB12 into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame? Why not do it now? He’s a titanium-clad lock in a few years anyway.

It’s unlikely anyone would argue that TB12 is a special case. Just do it, Mr. Kraft, in a special and separate ceremony just for him, maybe on a Tom Brady Weekend around a home game this season.

You can also unveil a huge statue of TB12 at Gillette (like the Colossus of Rhodes?) at the same time. Seems to make perfect sense. Also, retire his number 12. It may be unprecedented, but so was he.

And maybe even put together a duck boat parade in Boston or wherever to honor the greatest ever and bring back the other Patriot greats to ride with him.

With that piece of business out of the way, how can Tom Brady, consultant help the New England Patriots going forward? Let’s look at a few ways.

Tom Brady can do a lot for the New England Patriots

Since it’s doubtful that Brady would be interested in a full-time position as President of Football Operations even after Bill Belichick hangs up his whistle (or would he???), then how can he be an asset to the team going forward?

As a part-time consultant, Brady can do anything the Patriots need. He certainly can be a super scout, keeping his eye out for promising college players or pros for whom he has/had great respect and who may be assets to the home team.

In addition, he can be the Patriots ambassador Without Portfolio representing the team in all sorts of venues from NFL meetings to a myriad of other ceremonial duties. One would be, should absolutely be the NFL Draft.

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Brady’s presence officially back into the New England Patriots family will also be a lighthouse draw (we have that big lighthouse on the way at Gillette, two are better than one!), a magnet as he was previously for free agents who grew up watching him shred the NFL for two decades.

And Brady can also consult on the aforementioned draft. The New England Patriots certainly can use the assistance there. If he identifies just one player who can even be 50 percent of what he became, it’s a grand slam home run for the home team.

Those are just a few thoughts. The main thing is this, it’s time to mend all the fences, ameliorate all the hard feelings, and bring Tom Brady back to the New England Patriots Family and fandom for good, now.

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Mr. Kraft, it’s time to fix things and do the right thing by TB12 to bring him back into the fold. This one’s on you. Hope you’ll get working on it soon.

Patriots Nation, what other things could Tom Brady do for the New England Patriots? We’d like to hear your views.