Julian Edelman Shares Hilarious Randy Moss Story From Time in New England

Julian Edelman shared a hilarious story about his time with Randy Moss in New England.
Julian Edelman shared a hilarious story about his time with Randy Moss in New England. /

We didn’t get to see them share the field in their respective primes, but the two best New England Patriots wide receivers of the last couple decades did coexist briefly – with Julian Edelman’s rookie year also marking Randy Moss’ final full season in New England.

The Brady-Belichick Patriots always had a reputation as a no-nonsense group, but the stories we’ve seen emerge in recent years show that to be more of an exterior image than a reality about what went on in the locker room. And can anyone really be surprised that things got goofy in a locker room that included first Randy Moss and later Rob Gronkowski?

Edelman recently gave us another insight into some of the hilarious stories that came from those years, sharing what it was like dealing with Randy Moss as a rookie.


The stories are terrific, for sure, but the best part has gotta be that Moss impression. It is absolutely spot-on from Jules.

Both the hot-tob anecdote and the Christmas Eve story about Moss’ phone call with his mom give a great glimpse into what that locker room was like – especially with Edelman being quick to point out that it was all love between the two.

While the Pats dynasty was rolling, it was fun to have the reputation as some kind of Star Wars Sith Empire battleship that outlawed fun and only allowed players to talk about The Patriot Way™. But that reputation makes all of these fun stories even better.

It will never get tiring reminiscing about the great squads and incredible talent that was in those locker rooms, and hearing stories that show how much the players loved it to has got to put a smile on your face.

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