Bill Belichick Has Typical Response to DeAndre Hopkins Saga

3 offseason moves the Patriots still need to make after signing Ezekiel Elliott: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
3 offseason moves the Patriots still need to make after signing Ezekiel Elliott: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

This offseason has been a mixed bag for the Patriots. While the team’s draft picks were well-received and Bill Belichick brought in a new offensive coordinator, he hasn’t done as much to improve the roster as many fans had hoped, especially coming off a disappointing 8-9 season.

For much of the summer, New England appeared to be zeroing in on superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, only to watch him sign with the Tennessee Titans instead.

While Patriots fans were understandably disappointed by the news that Hopkins had chosen another team, Belichick does not appear to be dwelling on the missed opportunity to seriously upgrade his offense.

Bill Belichick DeAndre Hopkins Comments

As always, Belichick does not allow himself to get overly emotional or attached to one player. He understands that football is a business and that it’s not possible to sign everyone on your offseason wish list.

Belichick’s recent actions have backed up his words as well, as the Patriots have already been linked to running back Dalvin Cook since Hopkins joined the Titans last week. Perhaps Belichick was never that serious about getting Hopkins in the first place, especially if he wants to maintain the run-heavy scheme that New England’s been using since Tom Brady’s departure.

Still, it has to sting Belichick at least a little bit that Hopkins picked another team, especially a relatively bland and unexciting one like Tennessee. It’d be one thing if he chose a team with a superior roster or a star quarterback, but the Titans have never even won a Super Bowl. Belichick’s failure to match Tennessee’s offer makes him look bad and has to be at least somewhat embarrassing.

Belichick would never say so, of course, because he hardly ever says what he truly thinks or feels. He’s been feeding robotic corporate speak to reporters for decades, and his comments on Hopkins are just the latest instance of that.

Unfortunately, business as usual may not be a good thing for the Patriots anymore. They’ve gone four seasons without winning a playoff game and are +800 long shots at DraftKings Sportsbook to win the AFC East. It’s too late now, but perhaps if Belichick had shown more sense of urgency, Hopkins would be in Foxborough instead of Nashville.

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