3 Reasons The Red Sox Are Headed for Another August Swoon

3 reasons the Red Sox are headed for a fall during August: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
3 reasons the Red Sox are headed for a fall during August: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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If you’ve been paying attention to the Red Sox the last few years, a lot of alarming trends have emerged during Chaim Bloom’s tenure. The complete disinterest in acquiring (or keeping) star players. The middling offseasons and trade deadlines. The questionable roster construction. The sloppy play on the field. I could go on and on.

Another recent trend under Bloom that should concern Boston fans is the team’s tendency to fall off during August. The Red Sox went 9-18 in 2020, 12-16 in 2021 and 12-16 again in 2022. That’s, um, not great, especially when you’re supposed to be fighting for a playoff spot.

This is a trend Boston needs to avoid in 2023 if it wants to make the postseason. But unfortunately for the Sox, all signs point to another lackluster stretch during the dog days of summer.

Here are three reasons why Boston is likely headed for a losing record in August for the fourth year in a row.

Red Sox August Swoon

1. The Schedule is Unforgiving

The Red Sox were fortunate to have a lot of time off in July, which helped them survive the injuries to their starting rotation. In addition to the All-Star Break, they also benefited from four off days, which allowed Alex Cora to get the most out of his diminished rotation and schedule bullpen days accordingly.

Cora won’t have that luxury in August, however. Boston already had an off day on Aug. 3, but after that the Red Sox play 26 games in 27 days, assuming no rainouts.

That includes a tough 10-game road trip from Aug. 15 to Aug. 24. While the first three games are against the Nationals, Boston then goes to Yankee Stadium for three games and to Houston for four.

There’s no reprieve after that, either, as the Red Sox return home to face the Dodgers for three games, then the Astros again for three more.

That’s just a brutal stretch, especially with so many tough teams stacked at the end of it when Boston will likely be running on fumes. If the Red Sox survive it with a winning record intact, it will truly be a miracle.