MLB Screws Red Sox Fans With Broadcast for Mookie Betts Return

Many Red Sox fans won't be able to watch Mookie Betts' return to Fenway Park tonight.: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
Many Red Sox fans won't be able to watch Mookie Betts' return to Fenway Park tonight.: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports /

The most anticipated game of the Red Sox season is set for tonight (weather permitting), and for once it doesn’t involve the New York Yankees.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in town for a three-game weekend series, which means Boston fans will get to see their beloved Mookie Betts play at Fenway Park for the first time since 2019.

Due to MLB’s weird scheduling rules, however, many Red Sox fans won’t be able to see the game at all.

Red Sox-Dodgers TV Schedule

Unfortunately for Boston fans, tonight’s game is airing on Apple TV and MLB.TV, both of which require paid subscriptions. It will not be available on NESN, the channel that carries the majority of Red Sox games throughout the season.

That makes the game largely inaccessible to Boston fans. Not only are many of them not able to view the game in their own homes, but most bars and other places with public TVs don’t have Apple TV, either.

So unless you have a ticket to the game or pay for a subscription, there’s no way to watch for free.

And that’s a shame, because many Red Sox fans (and baseball fans in general) have had this date circled on their calendars for a long time, since the 2023 schedule was announced last year. Unless you’ve been to a Dodgers game lately, the vast majority of Sox fans have not seen Betts play in person in nearly four years.

While Apple TV already had the rights to this game (which it rightfully paid for), MLB should have found a way to make this game more accessible. Instead, the league continues its frustrating tradition of making its product incredibly difficult to watch for its fans.

Friday’s game is likely to get rained out, so fans will probably have to wait until Saturday to see Betts anyways. Still, it would be nice if they had more viewing options to see him face his old team.

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