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3 Patriots Who Could Still Be Cut After Making the 53-Man Roster

3 Patriots players who could still get cut.
3 Patriots players who could still get cut. /
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The Patriots trimmed their roster down to 53 players on Tuesday, even if many of Bill Belichick’s choices were puzzling. A lot of the cuts, such as Bailey Zappe and Malik Cunningham, were surprising, proving once again that no one’s job is safe on a Belichick squad.

Just because a player is currently on the 53-man roster doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods, either. Belichick clearly has more work to do on the roster before New England’s season opener against the Eagles, which means more cuts are likely coming between now and then.

With that in mind, here are three Patriots players who could still get cut in the near future.

3 Potential Patriots Cuts

1. Jack Jones

Depending on how Jones’ legal situation plays out, he could find himself getting cut at some point this season.

Jones is currently facing a court date on Sept. 15 after he was caught trying to transport two loaded firearms through Logan Airport security back in June. He’s yet to be convicted or receive punishment from the NFL, which is why he’s still with the team and currently on the roster.

That could change in a hurry, however, if he’s found guilty. Jones could be sentenced for up to 30 years in prison, which would obviously end his NFL career and require the Patriots to cut him.

Time will tell how this all plays out. Jones seems to believe he’ll get off, but based on the evidence it wouldn’t be surprising if he gets convicted.

Either way, New England has time to prepare and won’t hesitate to move on from Jones if the time comes. He could also get cut before then anyways if his situation proves to be too much of a distraction.