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3 Patriots Who Could Still Be Cut After Making the 53-Man Roster

3 Patriots players who could still get cut.
3 Patriots players who could still get cut. /
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2. Vederian Lowe

The Patriots currently have 11 offensive linemen on their roster, which is simply too many. Several of them will have to go so the team can add at least another quarterback behind Mac Jones and likely another running back to the roster as well.

Even though New England just traded for Lowe from the Vikings, he seems like a possible cut candidate. If he doesn’t turn out to be a good fit, the Pats can quickly move on.

A sixth-round pick in 2022, Lowe didn’t make much of an impact as a rookie last year. He suited up in just four games for Minnesota, playing only 33 snaps on offense and 20 on special teams. Despite the limited playing time, he still managed to get flagged for 2 false start penalties, showing a concerning lack of discipline that Belichick probably won’t appreciate.

Clearly, the Vikings didn’t see much of a future with him if they were willing to move on after just one season. He didn’t make a good first impression there, and he may not make a good one with New England, either.

As a backup, Lowe is pretty expendable. If he struggles to get up to speed in Bill O’Brien’s offense or doesn’t distinguish himself from the competition, the Pats will show him the door.