Bill Belichick Breakup Causing Unwanted Drama in New England

Bill Belichick's breakup could be a huge distraction for the Patriots: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Belichick's breakup could be a huge distraction for the Patriots: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports /

For the most part, Bill Belichick has tried to keep himself and his players out of the media as much as possible. He views it as a distraction and does his best to shut down drama, hence his insistence on giving the most bland, generic quotes possible.

Despite his best efforts, however, Belichick has been unable to keep himself completely out of the spotlight. He’s already been caught up in several high-profile cheating scandals (Spygate, Deflategate) on the field, and now his personal life is under scrutiny as well.

It was reported on Thursday that Belichick is breaking up with Linda Holiday, his girlfriend of 16 years.

Bill Belichick Breakup

Apparently, Belichick and Holiday have been growing apart over the past year, but now their relationship is officially over.

From a timing standpoint, this is certainly not ideal. The Patriots are only days away from kicking off their 2023 season against a superior Philadelphia Eagles squad. Tom Brady is coming to town as well, so this weekend is about to get even more emotional for Belichick.

Breakups are hard, even for a seemingly unemotional person like Belichick. They consume a lot of your mental energy, and it can be tough to focus on your job when you’re heartbroken.

Sixteen years is also a long time to be with someone, which is probably making the split even harder for Belichick. He’s 71 now, too, so it won’t necessarily be as easy for him to find someone new as it was for Tom Brady.

It’s also sounding like this is an ugly breakup. Holliday wants to remain in their house on Nantucket, and even beyond their living arrangements it’s not like the two can just cleanly cut ties. Holliday is the head of the Bill Belichick Foundation, complicating things further.

Let’s also not forget that Holliday isn’t afraid of making noise on social media, either. She’s gone after Tom Brady on Instagram, and that’s not exactly the kind of attention Belichick needs while he’s trying to focus on the season at hand.

New England fans can only hope that Belichick is able to keep his head straight as he prepares for a crucial Week 1 matchup. The Patriots need him to be sharp if they want to upset the reigning NFC champs.

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