Patriots Defense Suffers Devastating Injury Blow on Eve of Season Opener

The Patriots have suddenly lost cornerback Jack Jones to injury: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
The Patriots have suddenly lost cornerback Jack Jones to injury: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

For a football player, there aren’t too many things worse than suffering an injury right before the season starts. You train all offseason, gut out the intense heat during training camp and preseason, secure a spot on the roster, only for your body to betray you just before all that hard work is about to pay off.

It must be incredibly frustrating, not just for the player but for the coaching staff as well. They’re planning to have certain guys be key contributors in Week 1, only for a major wrench to be thrown into their strategy at the last second. Talk about bad timing.

The Patriots are going through that now, unfortunately, as they learned on Thursday that one of their key defenders is no longer available for their season opener against the Eagles.

Jack Jones Injury Update

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, second-year cornerback Jack Jones “is expected to miss time” due to a hamstring injury that he suffered in practice on Wednesday.

With New England’s Week 1 matchup coming up on Sunday, Jones won’t have enough time to recover before then. It’s currently unknown how much time he will miss, but hamstring injuries are tricky and often take 2-4 weeks depending on the severity.

While Jones is sidelined, another Jones is set to take his place. Marcus Jones is next up on the depth chart and will likely start on Sunday. Jones is a second-year player as well, so he doesn’t have a ton of experience at the position either.

It’s a significant blow for the Patriots, although not completely unexpected. Jones had a court date earlier this week after being charged with firearms possession and was facing potential jail time, but he was surprisingly acquitted. If you’re a believer in karma, his suffering an injury on his first day back at practice sure feels like it.

In any case, New England will now be without Jones for the foreseeable future. That makes the defense’s job even harder as it tries to stop Jalen Hurts and co. this weekend and makes a potential upset less likely

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