New Report Emerges on Tom Brady-Jets Rumors

Tom Brady quickly shut down rumors of playing for the Jets.
Tom Brady quickly shut down rumors of playing for the Jets. /

When Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles during Monday Night Football, many football fans immediately wondered who the Jets would pursue to replace him. One of the names at the top of that list was Tom Brady, who was just honored during a special ceremony at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

Fortunately, Brady’s camp quickly put those rumors to rest, squashing any notion that the former Patriots legend is coming out of retirement.

Tom Brady Jets Rumors

According to NFL insider Dianna Rusini, New York will not pursue Brady as a replacement for Rogers. She also confirmed Brady’s desire to remain retired.

No surprises here, as Brady going to the Jets was always a pipe dream. For starters, there’d be a conflict of interest as he’s currently a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, so he’d either need to sell his shares in the team or get the other NFL owners to approve his comeback.

Furthermore, Brady has made it very clear over the last few months that he’s done playing football. While he came out of retirement the first time, he has no interest in doing so again. He’s 46 now and has publicly stated a desire to move on and begin a new chapter in his life, spending more time with his children and pursuing other business ventures.

And who can blame him? Brady has nothing left to prove or play for at this point. With seven Super Bowl titles, three MVP awards and countless NFL records under his belt, he’s already the GOAT. He already proved he could win a championship without Bill Belichick. What else is there?

Brady saving the Jets from oblivion would have been a cool narrative, but why should he bother? He doesn’t need the money or the fame, and he definitely doesn’t need to take any more hits. He’s content.

It also would’ve been incredibly difficult for him to join New York at this stage of the season after missing all of preseason and training camp. Brady loves a challenge, but learning a brand-new offense in such a short amount of time is a headache he doesn’t need right now.

So enjoy retirement, Tom. The Jets may need you, but you certainly don’t need them.

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