Red Sox Exec Already Loses Job After Ousting of Chaim Bloom

Chaim Bloom missed out on a key opportunity to help improve the Red Sox at the trade deadline: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
Chaim Bloom missed out on a key opportunity to help improve the Red Sox at the trade deadline: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

Chaim Bloom wasn’t the only member of the Red Sox front office to lose his job on Thursday.

General manager Brian O’Halloran, who has been Boston’s GM since Bloom was hired in October 2019, was also relieved of his duties. Unlike Bloom, however, he will reportedly remain with the organization after being offered a new position in the baseball operations department.

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O’Halloran has been with the organization since 2002 and served as director of baseball operations from 2006-2011, so this new role should be a good fit for him. The Red Sox won a World Series and made three playoff appearances during that six-year run, so O’Halloran already has an established track record of success in baseball ops.

Elevating him to general manager in 2019, however, may have been a mistake. The club is staring down another last-place finish this year, which would be its third in four seasons under O’Halloran. He and Bloom struggled greatly to close deals that would’ve improved the big-league roster, missing out on countless free agents in the offseason and failing to acquire meaningful help at trade deadlines.

O’Halloran appeared to be out of his element a bit, but he should be back in his comfort zone in baseball ops, where he can be more behind the scenes.

With Bloom and O’Halloran no longer running the show, the Red Sox have an opportunity to bring in new leaders who are more aggressive and focused on winning now. Whoever replaces them will inherit a strong farm system but a flawed roster that desperately needs pitching help and better fielding.

While Bloom took much of the heat for Boston’s failures over the last four years, O’Halloran largely evaded criticism. Perhaps that shouldn’t have been the case, but it’s somewhat telling that Bloom was fired while O’Halloran was merely reallocated. At least he still has a job with the Red Sox, which is more than Bloom can say.

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