3 Laughably Bad Jets Plays From Patriots’ Week 3 Win

The Jets embarrassed themselves against the Patriots during Week 3.
The Jets embarrassed themselves against the Patriots during Week 3. /
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When you lose to the Patriots as often as the Jets do (15 times in a row now), you’re bound to have some embarrassing moments. For example, Mark Sanchez’s hilarious “butt fumble” will always be remembered as one of the low points for New York.

Fortunately, New York gave New England plenty to laugh about during the Patriots’ 15-10 victory in Week 3. The Jets shot themselves in the foot on numerous occasions, ultimately gifting New England its first win of the season.

While there were many bad New York plays to choose from (pretty much every time Zach Wilson threw the ball), here are the three worst ones that stuck out to us on Sunday.

3 Bad Jets Plays Week 3

3. Wilson Chokes Again

During Week 2, Patriots fans could only shake their heads in disgust as Mac Jones threw short of the sticks on fourth down during New England’s final drive. The Patriots failed to convert, of course, and lost the game 24-17 to the Miami Dolphins, leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

This week, however, it was our turn to celebrate when Wilson did the same thing. During a key drive late in the fourth quarter, Wilson had the ball in his hands with a chance to put New York on top. Instead, he capped an ugly series by checking down on 4th and 10 — an absolutely boneheaded decision that did not pay off.

Not surprisingly, Jets fans weren’t too happy about that one.

It’s one thing to miss a throw or make a physical mistake in that situation, but you need to at least give yourself a chance. Wilson couldn’t even do that, sealing New York’s fate with his terrible decision-making.

After watching three years of this, Jets fans are obviously sick of it. But we can only laugh at it, especially when it keeps happening against our team.