3 Laughably Bad Jets Plays From Patriots’ Week 3 Win

The Jets embarrassed themselves against the Patriots during Week 3.
The Jets embarrassed themselves against the Patriots during Week 3. /
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1. Wilson Takes a Safety

As a quarterback, one thing you never want to do is give up a safety. You especially don’t want to do it late in the game when you’re trying to come back, but of course that’s exactly what Wilson did.

With 2:27 left in the game and New York trailing by 3, Wilson had plenty of time to march down the field and at least get the Jets into field goal range. Instead, he dropped back into the end zone on 3rd and long, inviting disaster.

Even though Wilson had room to roll out to his right and make a play (or at least throw the ball away), he froze for a full three seconds. With Wilson a sitting duck (and his internal clock apparently broken), Matthew Judon had plenty of time to break through on his blind side and sack him in the end zone for a safety that essentially ended the game.

Of all of Wilson’s mistakes on Sunday, this one was easily the worst and most damaging. By the time he got the ball back with under a minute left, he only had time to run a few plays and did nothing productive, sealing New York’s fate.

If only we could play the Jets every week, we might never lose again.

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