Bill Belichick Offers Bizarre Quote About Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Bill Belichick had a weird take on the Travis Kelce - Taylor Swift situation: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Belichick had a weird take on the Travis Kelce - Taylor Swift situation: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports /

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are officially dating. After weeks of rumors and speculation, Swift took their relationship public on Sunday. Not only was she cheering on her new boyfriend next to his mother at the Chiefs-Bears game, but she was also spotted leaving the stadium with him.

Pretty much everyone has an opinion on this, even Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. He gave his take on the situation Monday morning, although his comments were a bit…interesting.

Bill Belichick Taylor Swift Quote

Belichick, as he often does, related it back to football, calling Swift “the biggest (catch)” of Kelce’s career. For a player who’s already won two Super Bowls, that’s saying something.

For starters, it’s unusual to hear Belichick opine on something pop culture-related. Whenever he talks, it’s almost always about football and/or winning. He rarely shares his views on anything else, so the majority of football fans have little idea of what he thinks about anything off the gridiron.

And even when he talks about his own team or players, he rarely says much. Belichick is the master of the non-answer, giving as little detail or information as possible. Most of his interviews feature a buffet of bland cliches and generalizations like “we need to play better, we need to execute better, they’re a good team over there, etc.”

One thing we do know about Bill, though, is that he’s aware of who Swift is and maybe even likes her music. He saw her performance at Gillette Stadium in the spring and had this to say:

Not surprisingly, Belichick’s assessment of Swift’s performance sounds like something he would say about a quarterback.

Does Belichick think of Swift (or anyone?) in anything other than football terms? It’s impossible to say. But as at least a casual Swift fan, he knows how big of a deal she is.

Kelce is a star, but Swift is a superstar. Bill’s quote may be awkward, but his evaluation is ultimately correct.

Nice catch, Travis.