3 Celtics Who Won't Be Back in 2024

These Boston Celtics might be gone elsewhere this summer after winning the championship.
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Svi Mykhailuk

Another deep bench player on the Celtics whose contract is expiring is Svi Mykhailuk. The 27-year-old shooting guard signed a one-year contract with Boston last summer and there is a chance he might be brought back. Considering how much Joe Mazzula prioritizes shooting and spacing, having Mykhailuk around to provide that is not the worst idea.

It's also clear that Mykhailuk is not going to be a part of the rotation unless there are significant injuries. He played 10 minutes per game last season in 41 games and only suited up in garbage time in the postseason. At this stage of his career, that is unlikely to change.

The Celtics may be better off giving his roster spot to a higher-upside player. Whether it is a rookie or a second-chance player, a younger, more dynamic option who can do similar things to Mykhailuk could be preferrable.

Boston is not the deepest team in the league. They have some unproven players and question marks on their bench. So if they can upgrade and get a player who can take a step forward and become a part of the rotation could be valuable for the Celtics.

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